the way you look up at me lying in my lap

     that smile you give when our eyes meet

     the way you grab my hand and kiss it softly

     and place it atop your head

     then you close your eyes

     that smile

     melts a little bit with each breath

     as my fingers dance in your hair

     while you savor every step

     to the rhythm of your soft breath

     your head getting heavier as

     you drift to sleep still lying in my lap


via Daily Prompt: Savor



i wanted to be real

so i picked up the quill

and swallowed the pill


dreams become reality

reality becomes dreams

everything it not what it seems


endless chatter in my head

some of them wishing i were dead

but i keep writing with the quill


pouring my thoughts on the page

they splash full of rage

towards myself


but i keep writing with the quill

stabbing myself with memories

i bleed words of regret


i got rain on repeat on my brain

i never stops

so i let it soak me and my thoughts


quill runs dry

but my story is just getting started

yet i finish the first book


and breath


via Daily Prompt: Quill



of all the flowers, you plucked me

with my dying petals

and my dried up roots

and my fading colors

you plucked and replanted me in your garden

careful not to let my roots crumble to dust

collecting my fallen petals

watering me daily so my color returns

you plucked me from darkness

and showered me in your light

where shine almost as bright as you

but i still wonder why you chose me


via Daily Prompt: Pluck


see me struggle
to get out of bed
see the chains
weighing me down
hear the thoughts in my head
wishing I were dead
see my sanity hang by a thread
making it feel like I’m dying
see the clouds in my dreams
foretelling the gloom I feel
see my fake smile I give
so you don’t have to worry about me
hear my empty laugh
to convince you I’m alright
see how tired I am
to pretend all the time
hear me try to explain
why I’m not okay
just listen
don’t nag
that only makes me feel worse
don’t make me loop back
giving you the same fake smile
giving you the same fake laugh
because you didn’t understand
and I fear you’ll never understand
see the struggle
see the chains
hear the thoughts
see my sanity hang by a thread
see the clouds in my dreams
see my fake smile
hear my empty laugh
see how tired I am
let me try to explain
don’t belittle
don’t insult
don’t treat me like a
spoiled lazy child
just try to understand
how I feel inside
give me time and space
to come around
and when I do
don’t assume the fight is over
it just means I won today
but I can’t say for tomorrow
this strength doesn’t last forever
this loop is inevitable
I’m bound to feel it again
there’s not much I or you
can do about it
just understand
just let me try to explain
just give me time and space
to come around
see the struggle and understand it
see the chains and try to lift them
hear the thoughts and shield me
help me come around
don’t hate me when I’m down
understand the loop

via Daily Prompt: Loop


excuse me while my mind blooms

with thoughts of doom

please excuse the gloom that

looms over me while the fog

blinds me to the light

please excuse me when i

say im ok, im not


i do not wish

to talk about it


i can barely cope

with the volume of

my own thoughts

i cant possibly unload

my doom and gloom

onto someone else



via Daily Prompt: Volume


i need your arms around me

now more than ever i crave

your tender touch to hold

me in place as i put myself

in the blender and i surrender

to the blades that slice me open

now more than ever i crave

your tender arms around me

as i remember what he did to me



via Daily Prompt: Tender


I adopted this facade

just so I can get a job

just so I can keep a job


making up a crafty excuse

just so I can cut loose

from this daily abuse

I don’t want to be here anymore

please just let me walk out that door

this is such a bore

this is such a chore

I can’t do this anymore

I tore

this natty suit and left it on the floor

I danced out the door

this life isn’t for me anyway



via Daily Prompt: Natty