Lost in Darkness

sometimes i feel like

a little girl who

lost her parents and

is now alone in

the dark with no

one to hold her

i put the blame on myself

i always kept my feelings to myself

i should have told you how i really felt

i put the blame on myself

i lost myself in the dark

i put the blame on myself

now i have to feel

around for your hand to

hold and yell at you

to tell you how this

darkness feels in my head

but please don’t

ask questions


ask why

just try to


this darkness



One thought on “Lost in Darkness

  1. Realistic and amazing poem. Sometimes darkness surrounds us but it’s not the end. With support and love we can overcome it.

    Have you ever felt hopeless or low when hindrances ran into your path? Go through my inspirational poem “I Can Reach High” at
    It’s a poem of Hope, strength and a never ending spirit to live Life.
    Hope you will like it 🙂
    Do leave your feedback, as it’s precious.


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