Writing Workshop Prompts

Another Thursday with The Awesome Women Writing Club! I seriously love hanging out with these women. I got real lucky. I actually found a group of women that don’t bicker about dumb irrelevant things. I found a group of women who are compassionate, intelligent and talented.

Anyway, I had fun with these prompts.

Fence, candle on a cake, a secret agent, alone

Sitting beside the fence confining my backyard, I sit alone. I guess no one got my email invite. Or maybe no one cares. It sucks being a secret agent. I barely get time to spend with my friends and family. On the rare occasion I do, no one is available. I hate being alone on my birthday. It’s hard to plan for things. I get notified the day before and people can’t make plans that fast. I understand though. I had one of those jobs before. I kind of wish I still had one. But this one pays a hell of a lot more and I want my kids to go to college. Oh well, I can’t waste this cake.

I light the candles and place them on the cake. Closed my eyes to make a wish. As soon as I was about to blow I hear a shout. “Cheese!” My eyes snap open and I’m stunned by a flash. As my eyes adjust and my wife staring back at me. And my daughters. And my best friend?

“When did you guys get here?!?”

“Sorry were late, Didn’t you get our email?”

In another galaxy

in another galaxy


what kind of abnormalities

would creatures possess

what kind of nationalities

or even sexualities

do they have any brutalities

against their own kind

what if in actuality

they embrace their spirituality

as commonality

unlike all of humanity

what if their mentality

embraced the formality

of homosexuality

or even bisexuality

unlike all of humanity 



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