The Fog is back again

There is is again. The weight of the fog pinning me to my seat. Refusing to let me move. Or maybe I’m just lazy like everyone else says. And here I go again dragging me feet. Wishing for the comfort of my bed. Hating myself for leaving the house. Trying to enjoy the beautiful day.

Instead I want to shut my eyes and sleep this fog away. Maybe it’ll engulf me. Maybe it’ll take me away to a place where I can be free from the pain of being human. 

I don’t mean I will take my own life. I just want to dissapear not die. I want to dissapear Like Alice in wonderland. I wish to bee free from this prison. Sometimes I wonder if I created this myself. If I could just will it away. If I just think really hard. Will it go away forever? 

Or am I stick with this for the rest of my life? I already know there is no magic pill that’ll take this away…


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