I can only blame myself

I missed my appointment. My dad woke me up at 6am and didn’t get up. I was relying on my alarm but that didn’t do anything. So I missed my therapy appointment. And I can only blame myself. 

I’m not really mad. Just disappointed. I rescheduled for the next time that was available. Which was the 19th. Sucks I have to wait so long. I wish I could just Skype my therapist when I need to. I’ll never miss an appointment again.

There’s just so much I need to talk about. My rape. Explaining my depression to my dad. And eventually talking to both of my parents about my rape. I might even have to confront him. I’m really not looking forward to talking about this shit. But I have to. I know I do. Because it’s just going to keep popping up in the back of my mind. And I’m going to keep crying about it internally. Like I have been for years.


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