Just some thoughts

I woke up at noon again. But this time I was home alone. Comfortable and satisfied. Sleep feels absolutely amazing when no one is there to wake you up. I don’t have the most comfortable sleeping area but at least I have something to sleep on. As well as a roof to sleep under. I am grateful for my parents putting up with me for so long. 21 years. And I’ll be 22 this year. Wow.

Hopefully early next year I will have my own place to sleep in. But the DMV isn’t​ the cheapest place to live and the job market is super competitive. I’m not sure if I’ll survive here unless I publish a few books. Which I am working on. 

I will definitely publish my poetry first. It’s quicker and I’m getting more inspiration to write poetry than I am my other projects. I have three novel ideas. I try my best to work on them but bits and pieces come to me randomly. Good thing I always have my phone handy so I can catch them all. 

I have to try making goals again. I’m terrible at making and sticking with goals. I always say I want to set goals and I do. But I only reach one small goal and get “lazy.” I lose motivation real quick and I’m not sure why or what I can do to keep it. That’s another thing I have to talk about in therapy tomorrow.

I think that’s enough rambling for tonight. Good Night WordPress.


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